About Me


 I am Chris Wilkins, I am a photographer from Bristol, England. I am graduate of Falmouth University with a B.A. Hons degree in photography, I have lived and worked in England, Australia and Norway and have travelled as much and as far as I have been able to… so far. You can often find me running around with a camera of some form in my hand or stood by my kitchen sink with chemicals and film.

I have worked with Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine, Time Out Australia, The Gathering Norway, Who Dares Australia and photographed events such as Gay Pride and Chinese New Year in Sydney. I am passionate about developing my own style and skills and bringing these to your events whether it be a concert, a wedding or a corporate event.

If you would like to hire my services or just ask a question, feel free to send me an email, or drop me a line on any of the various forms of social media out there,

I look forward to hearing from you!